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0006BLITZbot15’s journey around CCCamp15 (part 1)

The adventures of a little robot hitchhiking on a camp amongst 5,000 hackers.

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BLITZbot15 is a little robot I built for CCCamp15. Inspired by hitchBOT, his mission was to hitchhike around the campsite. This is the story of his journey, reconstructed based on tweets and posts made by all the various people who took care of him. (Please contact me if I managed to miss your tweet/post!)

– Stefan

Day 1

Stefan brought me to the phone booth at LeiwandVille where I was to start my journey. After he had said goodbye I was waiting excitedly for the things to come.

.@blitzbot15 is starting his journey in the phone booth at LeiwandVille. Hope to see you again on day 5, farewell!

— Stefan Daschek (@noniq) August 13, 2015

And it didn't take too long before I was carried to Fairy Dust, the rocket at the camp’s main square, where I met and conversed with several friendly human beings.

@blitzbot15 It was nice meeting you!

— Good Duck Panels (@GoodDuckPanels) August 13, 2015

Little robot saying Hi there! #ccc #ccccamp #lights #photography #lights #cute

— Kitty Wong (@chaoticeunoia) August 14, 2015

Day 2

I can't really remember what I did during this day – given it was very hot and sunny I probably relaxed and dozed at some shady place. But late in the evening, for the first time in my life, I took a ride on a bike …

@blitzbot15 rides my bike

— Dr. med. Deka. Dent. (@deka_dent) August 14, 2015

… and ended up at Norton’s Obscure Phoggy Embassy:

The folks at #NOPE found me! Now I’ll continue my journey through #CCCamp15 – want to visit all the cool places here!

— BLITZbot15 (@blitzbot15) August 15, 2015

The remaining night was very eventful: I was taken to the Void Village Dome, then to a demo party where cool music was playing and great graphic effects were shown, and finally to Entropolis where I tried to converse with a poultry robot made of flexible material (he/she wasn't very chatty though). And finally I even sipped at some cold beer:

Wir haben grad @blitzbot15 als Weggefährten gewonnen

— Das Nervengift (@nervengiftlabs) August 15, 2015

Hab @blitzbot15 bei der Demoparty gesehen

— Bobo_PK (@Bobo_PK) August 15, 2015

Wir (ich & @nervengiftlabs) haben gerade @blitzbot15 getroffen und zum Void Village Dome geführt. Er wollte es so :3

— punycode (@punycode) August 15, 2015

Wir haben @blitzbot15 dann auch Entropolis gezeigt und er durfte mal unser Gummihuhn kraulen :3 #cccamp15

— punycode (@punycode) August 15, 2015

Und von den Regensburgern bekam @blitzbot15 ein erfrischendes Bier vom Fass. #cccamp15

— punycode (@punycode) August 15, 2015

Hier noch die Beweise für die letzten Tweets:

— punycode (@punycode) August 15, 2015

Day 3

Still being a bit tired from the exciting and long night, the third day began with a visit of HackSaar Village:

@blitzbot15 war in unserem HackSaar-Village und hat sich mal umgeschaut. Er ist aber nirgendwo zu halten, der Wandlergeselle. (#cccamp15)

Posted by Hackerspace Saarland, Saarbrücken / Technik Kultur Saar e.V. on Samstag, 15. August 2015

Then the friendly Neighbourhood Nerds took care of me: Not only did they show me their village, they also brought me to the lake and finally they even equipped me with an awesome outfit: Cape, crown and bow tie – totally like a superhero!

We have a visitor! #cccamp15 /cc @noniq

— *andy (@derGeruhn) August 15, 2015

@blitzbot15 modding bei den #neighbourhoodnerds #cccamp15

— ɹǝlsıǝ uɐɥdǝʇs【ツ】 (@eisler) August 15, 2015

. @blitzbot15 @noniq Der Blitzbot hat Zubehör bekommen und geht wieder auf Reise. #cccamp15

— Christian Lölkes (@cloelkes) August 15, 2015

@blitzbot15 @dergeruhn die Reise geht weiter.

— tadi (@dertadi) August 15, 2015

Looking more royal than ever I stopped by at the info desk …

.@blitzbot15 is with us, come take him on a journey!

— C3 Infodesk (@c3infodesk) August 15, 2015

… before some angels took me to heaven:

@blitzbot15 making angels happy at heavens desk. #cccamp15

— msquare (@notrademark) August 15, 201

After watching all the angels doing their work to make the camp possible and having had several nice chats it was time to leave (I’ve been told that on hacker camps it’s perfectly normal to enter and leave heaven on a regular basis). The next stop of my journey was Digitalcourage Village:

#blitzbot15 at Digitalcourage Village at #ccccamp @noniq

— Digitalcourage e.V. (@digitalcourage) August 15, 2015

My head was still buzzing from listening to discussions about surveillance, security and freedom when the people from Eventphone showed me the POC, where they operate the camp’s phone network:

#blitzbot15 @eventphone tent #CCCamp15

— eventphone (@eventphone) August 15, 2015

Then the nice folks from Singularity City took me to their village. I welcomed a relaxing sip of tschunkslush before making a short detour to Paparazzi Village:

Der @blitzbot15 holt sich gerade bei uns einen Tschunkslush #cccamp15

— Singularity City (@SinguCity) August 15, 2015

Welcome @blitzbot15 at the Paparazzi Village #cccamp15

— byoil (@byoil) August 15, 2015

Back from Paparazzi Village I took another sip of slush (I have to admit that this liquid is rather addictive):

@blitzbot15 war an der Slushmaschine #CCCamp15

— hax (@hax404) August 15, 2015

Feeling a little bit dizzy (slush seems to contain substances that are not completely harmless to little bots like me) I continued to UAVP-NG Village where I met some fellow bots who were actually able to fly!

@blitzbot15 visiting @uavp village and ready for some Quadrocopter action #CCCamp15

— Matze B. (@DracosCarazza) August 15, 2015

After thorough consideration I came to realise that because of a lack of motors and rotors I myself won't be able to fly anytime soon. But fortunately I then was introduced to a means of travel that seemed even nicer than flying: The @trainquilizer, the camp’s party train!

We welcome @blitzbot15 aboard the @trainquilizer! #cccamp2015 #cccamp

— trainquilizer (@trainquilizer) August 15, 2015

It was a very nice party and I stayed there for several hours. Then I slowly started getting tired, so Mononoke Village became my last stop for that day:

Nice meeting you @blitzbot15 Greetings from Mononokeville

— Beekhuis (@Beekhuis) August 16, 2015

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