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0027A 3d Printed Coffee Filter Holder for the Kitchen Rail

Our office kitchen has a nice kitchen rail, but no appliance for storing paper coffee filters. Let’s fix this!

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A 3d model of the rail and the specific hanger used for attaching the filter holder.

The rail includes a number hangers with a somewhat peculiar but practical design. I started by recreating this design in [Fusion 360][].

It wasn’t necessary to 3d print this hanger because we still have some spare originals. However, I did a quick print to check my design against the original. Surprisingly, I got it almost completely right at the first try.

The design for the holder went through several iterations – the construction drawing has quite a few features that weren’t used in the final model. One example: The rods connecting front and back. I initially planned to have three round rods on each side, 4mm in diameter. But I quickly realised that, apart from obvious concerns regarding stability, 3d printing such small, elongated features would be bit of a hassle. So instead of three round rods I went with two oval rods on each side.

This decision had another positive effect: To simplify the printing process I planned to print the holder as two separate parts, removing the need for support structures (the finished parts would then simply be glued together). Having the larger rods made allowed for including small tongue and groove features to help align the parts accurately.

Initial construction drawing for the coffee filter holder.Final model, as mounted on the rail / hanger.Tongue and groove features for alignment.Tongue and groove features for alignment (as seen from back).

To my big surprise (for the second time in this project) everything worked out neatly on the first try. The two parts fit together perfectly – the lower tongue and groove features were such a tight fit that I didn’t had to use glue on them at all. The upper rods needed a few drops of glue to secure them in place.

Printing both parts of the filter holder separately.Here the two parts are only stuck together loosely, to investigate the joints.After pressing the parts together firmly the holder was already quite sturdy, even without adding glue.The coffee filter holder (still empty) on the kitchen rail.Filled with coffee filters (who would have thought …)Bonus feature: The holder can easily be detached from the hook for refilling.

Let’s have a coffee!


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