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0012Improving my sd2iec’s Power Connector

When I originally built the sd2iec for my C128, I improvised a simple power connector for the cassette port. It worked, but felt kind of wonky. Time to improve!

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The C64/C128 has a cassette port implemented as 6-pin edge connector1. Two of the pins are connected to 5V and GND, and these can be used to power the sd2iec.

I didn’t have a suitable edge connector when I built my sd2iec, so I created a simple power connector out of some spare parts. It did work quite well, but in the meantime I got hold of a 1530 datasette2 with an original cassette port edge connector: Time to make a real connector for the sd2iec!

However, I want to keep using the datasette in the future, too. So instead of simply cutting off its connector and soldering it onto the sd2iec power cable, I decided to go with a more modular approach: Build some kind of adaptor with the cassette port edge connector on one end and some kind of standard female plug on the other end. If I then soldered matching male plugs to both the datasette and the sd2iec, I could use the adaptor with either of them.

Side note: Some time ago I also acquired a 1531 datasette3. It’s almost identical to the datasette for the C64/C128, but instead of the edge connector it features a Mini-DIN-7 connector. With a suitable adaptor it can be used with the C64/128, too.

This means if I’d build a Mini-DIN-7 to edge connector adaptor, I could use it for all three devices: the 1530, the 1531, and the sd2iec!

And that’s what I did: I cut the 1530’s cable in half, soldered a Mini-DIN-7 male plug to the part connected to the device and a female plug to the other part connected to the edge connector. Then I removed my original handmade connector from the sd2iec’s power cable and replaced it too with a Mini-DIN-7 male plug. (For the 1531 there wasn’t anything to do at all, as it already came with a Mini-DIN-7 plug.)

Here are some photos and the wiring diagram for the adaptor:

Wiring diagram for the adaptor.Soldering a Mini-DIN-7 connector to the 1530.1531 with its original Mini-DIN-7 connector; 1535 and sd2iec with their new Mini-DIN-7 connectors; adaptor from Mini-DIN-7 to cassette port edge connector.

  1. Technically there are 12 pins: 6 at the the top, and 6 and the bottom. But each top pin is connected with its respective bottom pin, so there are only 6 distinct pins. 

  2. To be exact: The datasette I got is not an original Commodore 1530 but a 3rd party clone called “noris 1535”. But this makes almost no difference. 

  3. The 1531 was meant to be used with Commodore models from the 264 line like the C16 and Plus/4

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